Hi NBLL Community,

We’re sorry to announce that NBLL is cancelling our spring and summer baseball programs.

A number of factors forced us to this decision.  First, the leadership of Colorado District Two, of which we belong, strongly urged all leagues cease operations for the summer.  Second, it became very clear that we would need increased volunteers to operate under city guidelines (three adults per team to enforce distancing, perform sanitation, screen players, and so on) and we simply don’t have that many volunteers as families plan on trying to get away for part of the summer.  We were also concerned about how fun the experience would be when kids can’t sit together in the dugout, can’t hang out before or after games, have to have their temperatures checked before activities, etc.

Please bear with us as we work through the refund requests we’ve already received in addition to the new refunds for remaining players.  Our refund system was not designed to do mass refunds so is a manual and time consuming process.

We would still like you to use our form to indicate your refund preference (full refund, partial refund or convert to donation).

Click here to request a refund or donate your registration fee.

Some families have reached out to NBLL asking if we can share contact information for other players in their divisions so they can informally get together on the fields in smaller, safe groups.  If you’d like to share your contact info with others please use the form at this link.  The list is not maintained by NBLL and is strictly in place for our families to get a hold of each other if they’re interested.  NBLL is not sponsoring or supervising any “sandlot” activities, so please consider the Safer at Home guidelines if you head out to the fields.

NBLL will consider a fall ball league if conditions allow and we have enough adult volunteers to manage the teams.  We’ll keep an eye on new guidelines from the state, county and city over the next couple of months.  We’re hopeful that if conditions improve and we have enough volunteers available once school starts back up we might be able to offer a program.  We are not going to roll over registration fees from spring to fall if it’s offered.

If you’re interested in coaching in the fall if we offer a league please reach out to us at info@nbll.com.  At this time of the year we also begin the process of recruiting board members for next year.  The NBLL Board of Directors is made up of up to 15 volunteers (we only have 11 right now).  Board members are elected by NBLL members annually to serve for at least one fiscal year beginning on October 1st.  If you’re interested in joining the board for the 2020/2021 season or would like more information on the roles please reach out to info@nbll.com as well.

Thank you for your support of NBLL through this challenging spring and summer.  We’re looking forward to getting back on the fields with all of you!

Best wishes and take care,

NBLL Board of Directors