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2017/2018 Board of Directors

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President: Cary Hudson
Vice-President: Justin Berg
Treasurer: Tim Stelzer
Secretary: Alyssa Steinberger
Players Agent: Shawn Rodda
Head of Umpires: Niels Damrauer
VP Majors: Tim Hartrick
VP Minors: Dave Schechter
VP Farm: Brent Daily
VP Challenger: Liz Roberts
Coaches Coordinator: Eric Pallay
Equipment Coordinator: CJ Gauss
Fields Committee: Brent Daily, Tim Hartrick, Bill Melvin & Tim Stelzer
Sponsorship Committee: Chase Fraser, CJ Gauss, & Bill Melvin
League Information Officers: Justin Berg, CJ Gauss, Tim Hartrick & Corey Litwin
Safety Coordinator: Alyssa Steinberger
Snack Shack: Todd Stafford
Team Parent Coordinator: Shawn Rodda
Diversity Coordinator: Niels Damrauer
All-Star Coordinator: Alyssa Steinberger
Uniforms Coordinator: Eric Pallay
Webmaster/Social Media: Corey Litwin