2020 Board of Directors

The North Boulder Little League is an all-volunteer organization, and members of the board take on a variety of roles and responsibilities. These include traditional officer positions (President, Secretary, Treasurer, etc), "VP's" of each division, field managers, webmasters, social media gurus, fundraising experts, event coordinators, etc... The board serves for one fiscal year starting on October 1 of each year.

Current Board:

President: Brian Primeau
Vice-President: Niels Damrauer
Treasurer: Kirk Fronckiewicz
Secretary: Matt Dubofsky
Players Agent: Nick Howard
Head of Umpires: Tim Bagnall
VP Majors: Joe Lutt
VP AAA: Derek Anderson
VP AA: Kelly Mayer
VP Farm (Single A & T-Ball): Brian Primeau, Matt Kaune
Coaches Coordinator: Mike Ricci
Equipment Coordinator: Derek Anderson
Fields Chairman: Mike Ricci
Sponsorship Chairmen: Scott Gardner, Kelly Mayer
League Information Officers: Scott Gardner, Kelly Mayer
Safety Coordinator: Mike Ricci
Snack Shack: Kelly Mayer
Diversity Coordinator: Niels Damrauer
Uniforms Coordinator: Derek Anderson
Website & Social Media: Matt Kaune

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