NBLL Board of Directors

Would you like to become more involved in North Boulder Little League?  NBLL is organized and run by a volunteer Board of Directors.  Many of the current board members have kids in their last year of Little League, and others have volunteered for many years and are ready to scale back their committment.

We need your help to keep NBLL successful!  A taste of some of the board positions are below.

Time Commitment

Attend regular Board meetings which are typically held once per month (weekday evenings).  Sometimes additional meetings are required in March/April and fewer meetings are required in the off-season.  We try to keep meetings to 90 minutes or less.

Additional time commitment varies depending on your role on the board.  January-April is typically our busiest season as we prepare our spring season.  Division VPs are quite busy in March as we assign coaches, build rosters, assemble schedules, and kick off the season.  Once the season starts the time commitment winds down.  Summer is slower for most roles, aside from those involved with All-Stars. Fall is our time to catch our breath, but also take care of things like financial reports and ordering uniforms and equipment.

How is the Board formed?

NBLL is governed by a Constitution and Bylaws in line with our Little League Charter.  The Constitution allows a Board to be elected by NBLL voting members.  Voting members are people who pay the $5 membership fee for the upcoming fiscal year.  We send that registration out in September every year, along with an election for the upcoming board slate.

Director terms are for one fiscal year, beginning October 1st every year.

Vacant seats may be filled at any time with appointment and approval of the Board.

How do I get involved?

Please fill out a board application here and send it to secretary@nbll.com and president@nbll.com.

If there’s something you’d like to do with NBLL but do not wish to join the board, that’s great!  Many of the roles listed below don’t require you to be a board member.  Let us know how you’d like to help by emailing president@nbll.com.

What positions are open?

The entire board is elected (or re-elected) every year, and the incoming board selects positions and roles during the first meeting in October.  All positions are available - if there is something you’re passionate about, there’s space to get involved!

Positions and Roles

The “official” positions on the Board vary from year to year, but a general description of the work required is listed below.  Many Board members take on more than one of the roles listed at a time.

Division VPs - Organize and run individual divisions.  Build rosters or oversee assessments and draft, recruit and nominate managers, coordinate game and practice schedules, propose modifications to playing rules, etc.  We’d especially like to add someone to oversee and grow our Intermediate and Juniors programs for 13 and 14 year olds!

Registration Coordinator - Help manage our TeamSnap registration process and handle questions, registration issues,

Fields Coordinator - Manage permits and rentals, ensure fields are in playable condition, coordinate maintenance and repairs, monitor conditions during poor weather, and so on.

Player Agent - Verify player eligibility, oversee AAA and Majors drafts, oversee All Star selection process, prime coordinator of all player affairs (including all issues of a delicate nature that need not be made public).

Safety Officer - Coordinates all safety activities.  Ensures safe playing conditions and files safety reporting when necessary.  Obtain, update and maintain First Aid Kits.  Oversee background check submissions with 3rd party provider.

Head of Umpires - Responsible for the hiring, training, and scheduling of all umpires.  Coordinates with the Division VPs and Scheduling Coordinator to prepare all umpire work schedules.

Scheduling Coordinator - Coordinate with Division VPs to build and maintain the league-wide practice and game schedule.  Work with Fields Director to ensure adequate fields are reserved to meet the schedule demand.  Coordinate make up game availability for weather cancellations.  Coordinate with Iris Fields users to build shared field schedule.

Communications Director - Regularly post on Social Media, send out news (registration, etc) via MailChimp list, send out status emails (lightning, weather) via TeamSnap messaging.

Sponsorship Director - Contact and maintain relationships with sponsors.  Responsible for ordering and distributing sponsor plaques to sponsors at season completion.  Responsible for the coordinating of all sponsorship activities, including in-season team uniforms and banners.  Coordinates with the Treasurer to make sure that all sponsorships are paid.

Events Coordinator - Organize Opening and Closing Ceremonies, Rockies Day, and other group NBLL events (an empty position this year, but will be back for 2022!)

President - Oversees all elements of the League.  Selects and appoints all managers, coaches, umpires and committees (subject to the approval of the Board).  Represents the League in the District organization including attendance at all district Meetings.

Treasurer - Prepares budgets (and coordinates with each budget discipline regarding use of budgets).  Dispenses League funds as approved by Board of Directors.  Keeps League books and financial records.  Prepares and submits league tax returns.

Secretary - Maintains a register of members and directors.  Records the minutes of meetings. Maintain files of all board minutes, attendance rosters, meeting agendas.

Is there something you want to do for NBLL but it’s not on the list above?  Great! Email president@nbll.com and let’s discuss how you can help!