Summer 2024 Registration

Registration for the Summer 2024 baseball season is now open! Before registering your child please carefully read the descriptions of each division, including age limits. After you have verified which division you would like your child to play in, click the corresponding green registration button below for the specific division.

Summer League is a great time to move up to the next division or get a little extra practice to be ready next season.

In addition to our summer season, we are also offering several baseball skills camps. For details on the baseball skills camps, click here.

Availability and Vacations

NBLL expects players and coaches to miss some games or practices for summer vacations.  However, we ask that you plan to miss a maximum of 2 weeks of scheduled games to register (see the schedule section below!).

Summer League is more relaxed than our Spring season.  We know families go on vacation so games are scheduled only on weekday evenings.  Coaches may hold optional practices on weekends.  We also build our teams a bit larger to accommodate when kids are out of town.


Summer league capacity is limited by the number of coaches at each level.  In 2021, NBLL had to close registration and turn kids away because we didn’t have any coaches to form additional teams.  If you’re interested in coaching, please let us know!  We know people travel during the summer and we try to assign more than one coach to each team.


Monday June 10 - Practices start.  Scheduled on 2x per team on weekdays, plus additional weekend open at coach discretion.

Monday June 24 - Games begin.

July 4-7 - No games scheduled.  Fields will be available for practice at coach discretion.

Friday August 8 - End of season.

Exact days of the week cannot be set until we have a better sense of registration numbers and field availability.  All players should expect to be on the field two night a week on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.